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Good location surrounded by tourist destination

Area information access
Rusutsu Resort is located in the center of Hokkaido,、It is also close to various places of tourist attractions。
Scenic Toyako that have been made of the Summit、It can be said also as a symbol of Shiribeshi Youteizan、Famous as a hot spring resort Noboribetsu、And largest city, Sapporo, Hokkaido。These locations are also within two hours by car。

Hokkaido four seasons of landscape、Never bored people to travel never。Even just to drive around Rusutsu、Will make for what more memorable journey that idyllic scene。

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The time required from the major domestic point to New Chitose Airport

Tokyo 90Minute
Nagoya 105Minute
Osaka 120Minute

The time required by car

Sapporo 90Minute
Chitose 90Minute
Muroran 90Minute
Tomakomai 90Minute
Niseko 40Minute
Toyako 30Minute
Noboribetsu 90Minute
Otaru 120Minute

Tourist attractions around Rusutsu

Appreciation to

Mt. yotei Japan one hundred mountain、It is also called Ezo Fuji from the fact that its appearance is similar to Mount Fuji。
Toyako Four Nakajima floats caldera lake to lake center。Visit also tourists 4 million people per year is counted as one of Hokkaido 3 large landscape。
Shikotsuko Japan's largest non-Komizuumi。It attracts people to visit the rich natural and mysterious appearance。

Related facilities

Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe Aquarium
Noboribetsu Bear Park Sato of the brown bear museum-Yukar (Ainu Kotan) Kuttara Lake Lookout
Lake Shikotsu sightseeing bareboat Glass Boat tour boat pedal boat, etc.
Guia Zhongshan Mori Art Museum of the station, photographs of Nakayama Pass-road
Niseko Grand Hotel Natural hot-water nectar

Nearby Attractions

Jozankei Onsen-Kyogoku hot spring Konbuonsen milk workshop, Yotei spring water village-Kyogoku balloon park-Makkari Flower Center each farm, each farm, each orchard of