[Now Rusutsu of the weekend might Baffubafu! ]

[Now Rusutsu of the weekend might Baffubafu! ]
ToDay、By the approach of the bomb low pressure
Lift sales because of the blizzards is in a difficult situation
It is proposed that how many people were sorry thoughts。
This remains, but is also likely to continue the bad weather tomorrow
Indoor wave-pool and brand store、
Indoor two-story merry-go-round, etc.、
Please enjoy safely tourist attractions and business in the hotel。

And、The per day after tomorrow Saturday
Surely also pass through this bomb low pressure
And the feeling that the best of the slopes is spread。
♬ let's also trimmed body for the weekend

Rusutsu If this winter is more fun ♬
**” be Happy!”**

Akiyama 耀亮 (Yosuke Akiyama)
Koki Ozawa
Kentaro Matsuda (Kentaraw Matsuda)