Media Request (application)

Thank you for your interest in Rusutsu Resort. Please complete the required information and attach any documents, proposals, or media files to support your application.

Please note, the Rusutsu Resort Marketing Department will require time to consider any media requests, therefore we recommend submitting all applications a minimum of 7 days prior to intended arrival date.

1. Media Request Applicants

This request is intended for applicants involved in; newspapers, magazines, television, web series, videos, films etc. with the intension of promoting Rusutsu Resort to an international audience.

2. Partnership Agreement

Complimentary lift tickets/amusement park tickets activities etc. may be provided by Rusutsu Resort, once applications have been reviewed. Please ensure to provide detailed information on media influence (social media fans/followers, website/videos views, Print media, numbers of copies distributed etc.) and proposed content which may be provided to Rusutsu Resort, (videos, photos etc.) with information regarding the potential publishing/usage rights. This information will be taken into consideration when reviewing proposals with media applicants contacted once the review process has been completed.

3. Advanced Notification/Application

Applications must be made at least 7 days in advance. Please note, applications made less than 7 days prior to arrival, may not be considered.

4. Notification of Completed/Published Media Content

When publishing media content featuring Rusutsu Resort (print articles, videos, website content etc.), please inform the media department and provide links/samples where possible. Prior to publication the media department would like to review and check all Rusutsu Resort related content.

5. Precautions

Please, note any violation of Rusutsu Resort rules or policy listed below will result in the immediate cancellation of any media agreements with lift tickets and facilities revoked. In the event of violations of the below policies, all future partnerships will be suspended.

At all times please:
1. Abide by Rusutsu Resort rules and follow the direction of resort staff at all times.
2. Do not obstruct/interfere with resort customers.
3. Do not enter any restricted areas or break any Japanese laws or public policies
4. Do not undertake any filming/photography using a drone in the Rusutsu Resort local area, without obtaining prior approval.
Notice for Drones
• For drone usage, please obtain prior approval from the ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport and submit an intended flight plan and a safety control document.
• Only once this has been approved Rusutsu Resort will be able to consider any drone request.

6. Content Agreement

Under no circumstances will Rusutsu Resort intellectual property be used (logo, promotional images/video etc.), without prior approval.

During shooting Rusutsu Resort is not responsible for any accidents or damage to equipment.

When filming please do not film Rusutsu guests or staff without obtaining the necessary consent. In the event of an issue, Rusutsu Resort shall not be responsible under any circumstances. This issue must be resolved directly by the parties involved.

Once in agreement with the above contents. Rusutsu Resort expect all media teams to endeavor to create content to the highest standard possible to fulfil this agreement.